Naregatsi Art Institute is the philanthropic extension of Harco Incentives

Our way of giving back, giving hope and making a difference in the lives of many.

Naregatsi Art Institute (NAI) is a non-profit a 501(c)(3) organization established in the USA in 2000 by Nareg Hartounian with headquarters in Armenia. All donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowable under the law.

Children Painting Class

The Naregatsi Art Institute Painting Class for children has been active since 2012. The class is free of charge. Over the years, the students of the Painting Class have participated in numerous exhibitions. The class is led by painter Hasmik Gasparyan, who conducts the classes with boundless love and great responsibility. Children aged 5-14 years attend the classes. There are about 65 students in the class. Read more

Naregatsi Folk Instruments Orchestra

The Naregatsi Orchestra was launched in August 2008 under the auspices of the Naregatsi Art Institute and its Founder–President Nareg Hartounian and the generous support of some benefactors and art lovers. The Orchestra was founded on the basis of tar and kamancha free classes organized back in 2005. The Orchestra is founded with a vision to promote the love and interest of younger generations towards the riches of Armenian traditional music and musical instruments, thus breathing a new spirit into the preservation and development of our national culture. Read more

NAI’s principle mission is to preserve and promote Armenian art, culture and spiritual values. 
Yet above and beyond the NAI provides a special place for children, emerging artists, artists with disabilities and artists living in rural areas. It also provides space and resources to anyone with something of artistic value to share. All activities at the NAI are free of charge for both the audience and featured talent.
In addition to the occasional support of NAI friends and donors, the fundamental support of the NAI has been and is made possible by the generous contributions of Garabed Haroutunian, Saro Hartounian, and Harco Incentives Inc. USA. Read more

Hand In Hand With The Physically Challenged

Naregatsi Art Institute provides a special place for people with disabilities. NAI has been constantly collaborating with the organizations and centers dealing with disability issues guided by its long-established mission to incorporate physically challenged people into the Armenian artistic sphere; to create a space and equal opportunities for their free expression and artistic potential; and to expose their talent and artistic capacities to the wider public. Read more

Nova Folk Instruments Ensemble

The Naregatsi Art Institute founded the Nova Folk Instruments Ensemble in September 2015 under the artistic supervision of the RA Honorary Artist of Culture Hovik Sahakyan. The ensemble consists of 27 instrumentalists and 1 vocalist (Conductor, Helbert Asatryan). Read more

We & Our Dances Project

In December 2005, the first open Armenian dance class of the We & Our Dances Project was held in collaboration with Naregatsi Art Institute and the award-winning Karin Traditional Song & Dance Ensemble (Artistic Director, the RA Honorary Artist of Culture, Gagik Ginosyan).

The tradition of organizing open Armenian dance classes has been upheld ever since and usually they are held on the last Friday of every month (except summer months) in the premises of the Naregatsi Art Institute, whereby the NAI’s hall is filled with the invigorating dancers and Armenia’s ancient spirit. Read more

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Naregatsi Art Institute (NAI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the USA with its headquarters in Armenia. All donations are tax deductible and help support the mission.

We thank you for joining us in serving our culture and nation.

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