Protect Land for Wildlife Habitat

Protect Land for Wildlife Habitat. Package includes A Certificate of Environmental Stewardship in recognition for your positive contributions to environmental sustainability in the form of protecting land for wildlife habitat. We enable the establishment of new protected areas and national parks, connecting migration routes and corridors so that endangered species can thrive again. Additionally, we support projects that cost-effectively store and sequester vast quantities of carbon and convert agricultural fields into regenerative agroforestry. To finalize the projects entirely, our partners work with local stakeholders who are experts in the lands purchased to create strategies for their long-term sustainable development. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Once you’ve successfully placed your event reward order, our supplier will send you an email confirmation within 1 week of submission. Should any problems arise with your request, you will be notified at that time. Next you will receive an award packet via email. You will then need to submit a reservation request packet. This event requires a minimum 90-day advance reservation request. The minimum day requirement starts from the day you submit your reservation request packet, NOT from the original order date. Your tickets (and accommodation information, if applicable) will arrive within 1 week of the event, unless otherwise advised and will be sent to the address of record via trackable shipping. A signature may be required for delivery of this package. All JustRewards™ Sports and Vacation Travel awards are non-refundable and must be redeemed before the expiration date listed on the award certificate. All package inclusions must be used within 36 months of date of issuance and are based on availability (select blackout dates may apply). All events are based on both accommodation and event ticket availability, which can be exhausted from time to time and do not include airfare.
Catalog number: HE00000864